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MHOS Lending Library

Library Rules and Regulations

Library materials, available at monthly meetings, are loaned to MHOS members only, for a thirty (30) day period. If not returned after 30 days, there will be a fine of $2.00 per item, per month. After sixty (60) days, members lose further library privileges and shall be responsible for the replacement cost of the items. The Librarian shall have authority to impose or waive fines if conditions so warrant.

MHOS Library List Download a PDF version

1. The Manual of Cultivated Orchids Bechtel, Cribb, Laurent
2. Encyclopedia of Cultivated Orchids Alex Hawkes
3. Miniature Orchids, and How to Grow Them Rebecca Tyson Northern
4. Cycnoches Species and Hybrids American Orchid Society
5. Manual of Orchids Royal Horticultural Society
6. The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Orchid Growing Alec Pridgeon
7. An Introduction to the Cultivated Angraecoid Orchids of Madagascar Hillerman
8. How to Grow Orchids - Sunset Book
9. Orchids as House Plants Rebecca T. Northen
10. All About Growing Orchids (2 copies) Ortho Book
11. Orchid Seedling Care Bob Gordon
12. Exotic Orchids (Classified Easy, Moderate, Difficult) Wilma Rittershausen
13. Kew Gardens Guide -- Orchids Joyce Stewart
14. Orchids David Menzies
15. Orchids, Care and Cultivation Leroy, Terquem and Parisot
16. Taylor's Guide to Orchids Judy White
17. Orchids of Brazil Jim and Barbara McQueen
18. Orchids, A Golden Nature Guide  
19. The Native Orchids of Florida Carl Luer
20. Orchids of Java J. B. Comber
21. The Genus Encyclia in Mexico Robert Dressler and Glenn Pollard
22-A. The Cattleyas and Their Relatives, Volume 1,
Carl Withner
22-B. The Cattleyas and Their Relatives, Volume 2,
Carl Withner
22-C. The Cattleyas and Their Relatives, Volume 3,
Schomborgkia, Other South American Species
Carl Withner
22-D. The Cattleyas and Their Relatives, Volume 4,
Bahamian & Caribbean Species
Carl Withner
23. Phalaenopsis Culture -- A Worldwide Survey Bob Gordon
24. Culture of the Phalaenopsis Orchid Bob Gordon
25. The Genus Phalaenopsis Herman Sweet
26. Growing Orchids J. N. Rentoul (soft cover)
27. Book One, Cymbidiums and Slippers J. N. Rentoul
28. Book Two, Cattleyas and other Epiphytes J. N. Rentoul (2copies)
29. Book Three, Vandas, Dendrobiums and Others J. N. Rentoul
30. Book Four, The Australian Family J. N. Rentoul
31. Growing and Displaying Orchids Rittenhouse, Oakly, Sutherland
32. The Slipper Orchids Catherine Cash
33. Orchids Eve K. Glasser
34. Oncidiums, A Cultural Guide Wellington Orchid Society (2 copies)
35. The Orchidist's Glossary Description of Names and Terms
36. Orchid Species Cultural Guide Richard Hesseler
37. Orchids Pest and Diseases AOS
38. How to Control Orchid Viruses Gail C. Wisler
39. Orchid Biology, Reviews and Perspectives Joseph Arditti (2 copies)
40. The Orchid (Exquisite Photos) P. Francis Hunt and T Kijima
41. An Illustrated Survey of Orchid Genera Tom and Marion Sheehan
42. Orchid Photography Charles Marden Fitch
43. The Evening Garden Peter Loewer
44. AOS Almanac, 1998-2000 (Resource Guide)  
45. Orchid Species You Can Smell and Supplement John Clarke Cuddy
46. The Complete Greenhouse Book Clegg and Watkins
47. The Passive Solar Dome Greenhouse Book John Fontanette and Al Heller
48. Hand Book of Greenhouse Gardeners Lord and Burnham
49. Dendrobium and its Relatives B. Lavarack, W. Harris, G. Stocker
50. Orchidata, Orchid Culture Greater New York Orchid Society
51. The Best of the Bulletins Greater New York Orchid Society
52. Orchids Peter McKenzie Black
53. An Illustrated Treasury of Orchids Frank Anderson
54. Vandas and Ascocendas and Their Combinations David Grove
55. Orchid Species Culture, Dendrobiums Margaret and Charles Baker
56. Orchid Resources on the Internet  
57. Growing Orchids Under Lights Charles Marden Fitch
58. Orchids Species Culture Vol. 1, Pescatorea Pieione Margaret and Charles Baker
59. The Green Methods Manual Michael S. Cherim
60. Notes from the Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh, Vol. 46, #2  
61. A History of the Orchid Merle A. Reinikka
62. Orchids in Color Brian and Wilma Ritterhausen
63. The Book of the Conservatory Peter Marston
64. Orchids for the Home and Greenhouse Brooklyn Botanical Gardens
65. The Orchid Thief Susan Orlean
66. The New Orchid Doctor Robert M. Hamilton
67. A Guide to Orchids of the World  
68. Wild Orchids Across North America Philip E. Keenen
69. Orchid Fever Eric Hansen
70. Orchids of the High Mountain Rain Forest in South Eastern Brazil David Miller, Richard Warren
71. Orchids for Everyone Gallery Book
72. The Carefree Way to Beautiful Plants, Hydroculture Gabriele Vocke
73. The Plant Hunters T. Musgrave, C. Gardner, W. Mosgrave
74. I've Got Spikes, Cymbidium Graham and Susan Guest
75. Growing Classic Orchids Tibbs and Bilton
76. The Orchid Picture Book  
77. Orchids G. Allikas and N. Nash
78. You Can Grow Phals M. Nobil
79. Popular Orchids Brian and Wilma Ritterhausen
80. MHOS Agenda, Latin Names and Taxonomy Mid-Hudson Orchid Society
81. A Dracula Culture Guide K. Holliday and W. Rhodehamel
82. The Orchid Growers Handbook I. D. James
83. Growing Classic Orchids Mike Tibbs and R. Bilton
84. The Orchid Tourist Susan W. Plimpton
85. Growing Orchids Brian and Wilma Ritterhausen (2 copies)
86. Orchids of Bolivia, Vol. 1, Pleurothallidinae  
87. Bulbophyllums and Their Allies Emily S. Siegerist
88. The Genus Cypripedium Phillip Cribb
89. Proceedings of the 16th World Orchid Conference, Vancouver 1991  
90. Ultimate Orchid Thomas Sheehan
91. The Gardener`s Guide to Growing Hardy Perennial Orchids William Mathes
92. The Best Orchids for Indoors Charles Marden Fitch
93. A History of the Orchid Merle A. Reinikka
94. Orchids and their Conservation Harold Koopwitz
95. Orchid Growing Illustrated Brian & Wilma Rittenhouse
96. Sanders List of Orchid Hybrids 91-95
97. Sanders List of Orchid Hybrids 96-98
98. The Book of Orchids Mark Chase ,Maarten Christenhusz,& Tom Mirenda


1. Anyone Can Grow Orchids Even You with Doug Conklin
2. Potting and Mounting Orchids -- Intermediate and Warm Temperatures
3. Potting and Mounting Orchids -- Cool Temperatures
4. Orchid Pests and Diseases
5. Prize-Winning Secrets of Professional Growers
6. Growing Orchids Under Lights -- Bob Webster
7. Obsession With Orchids
8. Anyone Can Grow Orchids, Even You

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